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Greetings everyone! We’ve been extremely busy working out the game’s progression and details. We have decided to make the game flow in a linear fashion to ensure the player hits the key plot points in a decent fashion. There will be branching paths that can lead to bonuses such as achievements, Character unlocks and more. […]
Magical Tailoress Chibi Keychains! We are considering making keychains of our main characters here in Magical Tailoress. This would be the main and some sub characters. What do you think? They would be high quality printouts in sparkle resin with a keychain attached. Not only will it come with that. It will come with it’s […]
We’ve been working hard on getting all of our sites together. We’ve started working on Magical Tailoress. We will be setting up everything related to the game including ratings, short breakthroughs, cheats, dev logs, media and more. Be sure to bookmark our page and check back everyday! And follow us on all of our social […]